The Area

A place waiting to be discovered

Luogosanto is in the very centre of Gallura, right at the foot of the Monti Juanni mountains, surrounded by rich, unspoilt vegetation. Granite, moulded into surreal forms by the wind, frames the landscape.

The beautiful and well-maintained historic centre is pleasant to walk through. A Basilica dedicated to Our Lady of Luogosanto has been kept in perfect condition since it was built in 1200. You can visit numerous archaeological sites that are only a few kilometres away. Historical remains stretch from the pre-nuragic and nuragic period, with Dolmen and Domus de Janas, to the feudal age, with the remains of two Giudicale castles, most notably the Palazzo Baldu.

The Castles

Palazzo Baldu is evidence of the medieval life of the Giudicato of Gallura. It was in fact composed of a quadrangular tower, surrounded by about twenty other buildings and had a living and representation purpose.

Balaiana castle , on the other hand, is on Mount Leonardo and can be reached by foot via a staircase among the granite rocks. Only the ruins of this 12th century castle remain, but it is still worth a walk.

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Ihe Coghinas river runs through this area of ​​Sardinia, and the peaks of the Limbara and Nieddu mountains stand out. The typical granite landscape , characterized by Mediterranean scrub, holm and cork oaks make it one of the most fascinating areas of the island. Sea and mountains, festivals and fairs, history and archeology will enrich your holiday, meaning you will never be bored.

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Costa Smeralda

Certainly one of the most known areas of Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda is characterized by exclusive locations (such as Porto Cervo or Cala di Volpe) and splendid beaches , with a sea full of exciting and chageable colours. Vignola Mare, Aglientu, Palau and Santa Teresa Gallura are just a few kms away. We also organize boat trips to La Maddalena Island.

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Promontory of San Trano

Entirely granite, the height allows you to admire the beautiful panorama that stands out all the way to the Bocche di Bonifacio. It is the ideal destination for a trip out of town immersed in nature. On this promontory, the country church of Luogosanto also lies , where the first Sunday of June is celebrated with religious ceremonies and traditional lunch.

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Wine Cellars

Near Hotel San Trano, there are also some wineries that you can visit to discover the typical wines of Gallura. The Vermentino certainly stands out among the most characteristic vines and the scents you will find here will differ from the other Sardinian Vermentinos. You can also try the Nebbiolo , which has a particular history in this territory and the Moscato .

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